About Us

GO BASIX Food - created to transform your everyday challenge to eat healthier, into an effortless magical experience.

We do this by empowering you to create your own favourite guilt-free breakfast, snack or dessert in an instant, so that you can spend more quality time savouring them, rather than too much time and hassle making them.

Every single pack is carefully created with these guiding principles:-

Nutrient-first approach - made with 100% natural nutrition real whole foods, and portion-controlled so you have the maximum nutritional benefits with the lowest possible calorie.

Taste - made using ingredients with the highest nutritional benefits without composing taste, texture and flavour

Convenience - Every single ingredient is prepared for you (cleaned, roasted, chopped, measured, combined), so all you need to do is just is to add hot water to enjoy ;) Check out our BLOG with all the yummy guilt-free treats you can make!


With so many options out there making the "healthy" claims, how do you know what is good for you and what is not?

When in doubt, go back to the basics - we believe that healthy foods should be simple, honest, natural and delicious. What you see listed on our pack is exactly what you get inside, no "laboratory name" of an ingredient you never heard of, or do not understand. Just NO-Artificials and NO-BlaBla.

We are dedicated to leave a positive impact in your journey to eat healthier by empowering you to eat more real whole foods (in optimum portions) by making it sustainable and super simple for your and your family to make and enjoy for the long haul. Have fun exploring and enjoy our collection HERE 


Much Love,