No-Bake Vegan Carrot Cheesecake (Flourless, Gluten-free)


Easiest No-bake Vegan Carrot Cheesecake you will ever make! Yup, using our Cinnamon Raisin Roll gourmet oatmeal pack, you will have all the necessary cake base made with at least 6 variety of nutritious real whole food ingredients that are perfect for breakfast and snack anytime of the day ;)

Genius way to get the kids to sneak in some veggies (carrots) and super quick and convenient to make in an instant too. Let's get started!


 (Makes up to 4 mini servings)


Carrot Cake Base

"Cheesecake" Icing

  • 7-8 Tbs (about 40ml) coconut cream 
  • 1/2 tsp maple syrup/honey


  1. Mix well carrot cake ingredients and pour into 3-4 muffin paper cups / silicone moulds 
  2. In a separate bowl, mix well "cheesecake" icing ingredients and pour equally on top of carrot cake.
  3. Sprinkle with some chopped baked walnuts (optional) and freeze 3-4 hours or best overnight, and voila! 


Watch how to make below. Try it out for yourself and tag us @gobasix #gobasixfood #eatsmarter  ♥️


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