Naturally-sweetened Healthy Almond Latte-Pumpkin Pancakes by @eina_1801 (Flourless, Gluten-Free)

Pancakes are always a good idea and the only thing better than the pancakes your get outside, is your own homemade HEALTHY, and NUTRITIOUS  pancakes made using our Flourless Pancake Mix (100% natural whole foods and superfoods ingredients such as organic flaxseeds, almonds, and oats).

And if you want to step up your pancake game further, one of the smartest way is adding pumpkin to our pancake mix as it will add a natural sweetness to your pancakes so you can skip the honey/maple syrup drizzle on top.

You only need :-


  1. Add water to pancake mix and stir until pancake mix dissolves in water
  2. Then add pumpkin puree to the mix. Combine well until you get a light and creamy consistency (feel free to add more water if needed as batter thickens quickly)
  3. On an lightly oiled pre-heated pan, pour the batter into pan and heat. (flip over and heat the other side as soon as you can lift the pancakes)
  4. Serve and enjoy with your favourite toppings. Here, Eina topped our Almond Latte pancakes with nut butter and some fresh blueberries.


Pro-tip from Eina :-

  • if you like your pancake crispy, create thin-light batter and heat slightly longer 

Additional tip to make your home made pumpkin puree :-

  • Just steam your pumpkin until soft so you can mash it easily
  • Mash with your fork until smooth creamy puree 

Watch how easy to make :-

Try it out for yourself and tag us @gobasix #gobasixfood #eatsmarter 

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