How-To : Healthy Cafe-Styled Pancake Stacks by @Break&Binge (Flourless, Gluten-Free, Refined Sugar-free, Vegan)

    Now you can enjoy pancakes at home any time or any day of the week because these pancakes are not only made with 100% natural purposeful real whole food ingredients (such as organic oats, organic flaxseeds, fresh ground almonds), but they are also super quick and easy to make in just minutes.


    @Break&Binge, a Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle & Food Blogger based in Singapore shares how easy to make these gorgeous cafe-styled healthy pancakes in just minutes at home.


    Only 2 ingredients to make these nutritious and delicious pancakes base : GO BASIX Flourless Pancake Mix  and milk/water. Let's get started!

    Ingredients :-



    • 100ml fresh whipped-coconut cream (vegan option) /fresh whipped-cream / yoghurt 
    • Bananas (handful sliced)
    • Strawberries (handful sliced)
    • 1 Tbs Maple syrup (drizzle)

    Easy steps :-

    1. Add 100ml milk to 1 pancake mix pack (Almond Latte) and mix well
    2. Pour the batter in a low heat oiled pan/skillet
    3. Flip the pancakes after 30-40 seconds on low flame & cook the other side for another 30-40 seconds. Repeat to make another 2-3 pancakes.
    4. Now to make the other flavour (Almond Original), repeat steps 1-3 using the Almond Original pancake pack. 
    5. To create variety of pancake flavour combination stack the Almond Latte & Almond Original pancakes alternately.
    6. To make the cream toppings : Beat fresh cream/coconut cream for 10 minutes and serve on top of pancakes.
    7. Then drizzle maple syrup and add fruits. Enjoy!


    Tips :-

    • As the batter is flourless and contains real whole foods like oat flour and organic flaxseed flour, the batter thickens quickly, so feel free to add more milk / water little by little until you get back the creamy batter 



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