Chocolate Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwich (Flourless, Gluten-free, Refined Sugar-free, Low Calorie)

Love Cookies & Ice-Cream? Treat your inner child with our guilt-free Chocolate Cookie Ice-Cream Sandwich recipe using our Chocolate Hazelnuts Flourless Pancake Mix, made with nutritious, purposeful, real whole foods such as pure raw cocoa, hazelnuts, oats and organic flaxseed.

Indulgent and decadently delicious with NO-Flour, NO-Gluten, NO-Refined Sugar, NO-Butter, and most importantly this recipe is super quick and easy to make thanks to our Flourless Pancake Mixes.

Grab your GO BASIX Flourless Pancake Mixes and let's get started!

Servings : Recipe makes 4 IceCream Cookie-Sandwiches

Cookies Ice-Cream Sandwiches are Freezer-Friendly : 1 month 


Cookie Sandwiches

Ice-Cream Filling

  • 1 scoop of Australian vegan coconut ice-cream per cookie (or ice-cream of your choice)

Optional : Chocolate Dip with Crushed Peanuts

  • 40g chocolate chips
  • 8g coconut oil 
  • peanut crunch (grounded)


  1. Prepare the chocolate melt : Microwave chocolate chips and coconut oil for 20-30 seconds and stir well until smooth 
  2. Prepare Cookies
    • Mix dry cookies ingredients well
    • Add in wet cookies ingredients and stir well to combine and form a dough
    • Use your hand to make a round dough.
    • Make 8 round shaped dough. Feel free to dab some more coconut oil while forming each round dough
    3. Flatten the cookie dough into round shape and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180'C for 15 minutes. Leave to cool for 10-15 minutes
    4. Scoop ice-cream between 2 cookies and make cookie sandwich
    5. Dip in chocolate melt on one side of cookie sandwich and dip again with some crushed peanuts to enjoy.
- If you can't wait like us, enjoy immediately before the ice-cream melts (note : it's going to get messy as the ice-cream melts quickly but soooo good 🤤)
- To firm up the ice-cream again, freeze the ice-cream sandwich by storing in an airtight container for 2 hours or overnight to enjoy.



Watch how to make below. Try it out for yourself and tag us @gobasix #gobasixfood #eatsmarter  ♥️


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