5 Top Tips for a Healthier & Smarter Break-fast (Sahur)

What you eat for breakfast/Sahur sets you up for the rest of the day and making good choices for the pre-dawn meal can make all the difference to your energy levels, helping avoid blood sugar crashes, energy slumps, mood swings and headaches/migraines.

Get ready to prepare a smarter breakfast /sahur :-

Did you know nearly 2/3 of our body is made of water? So drinking water everyday is vital for the body to work correctly.

Our bodies are pretty dry when we wake up in the morning, especially in an air-conditioned room as it sucks our all the moisture in your body.

Drinking 2 glasses of water first thing in the morning can help your body rehydrate for better digestion. This is important for proper nutrient absorption to reap all the benefits of your food when you do eat or break-fast in the morning.

Fruits and vegetables are also a great source of water. Around 1/5 of your daily fluid intake comes from the foods you eat. 

So choose water-rich whole foods to help you keep hydrated for longer. Here's our smart favourite as they not only high in water content, but also contains good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals :- 

  • Melon (Water content : 91%)
  • Strawberries (Water content: 91%)
  • Blueberries (Water content : 84%)
  • Peaches (Water content: 89%)
  • Oranges/Grapefruits (Water content: 88%)
  • Skim Milk, Almond Milk (Water content: 91-96%)
  • Cottage Cheese (Water content: 80%)
  • Coconut Water (Water Content : 95%)
  • Cucumbers (Water content: 95%)
  • Tomatoes (Water content: 94%)

The best complex carbohydrates are oats, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruits.These complex carbs provide our body with energy immediately and they release slowly into the bloodstream so you never suffer a “crash” like you do with caffeine or sugar. 

Your body also uses carbohydrates for optimal brain function. Depriving yourself of complex carbohydrates will leave you tired and fatigued and have a hard time concentrating all day long.

A good mix of the right  fiber and complex carbohydrates like our gourmet oatmeal, flourless pancakes or fruits and vegetables will help slow down your blood sugar so you don’t get hungry quite as quickly and it keeps your glycemic levels steady all day long.

We suggest eating them earlier in the day when you need most of your energy, which take all day long to burn through your system.

What to avoid?

  • Refined carbs ("bad carbs") : highly processed to the point that little to no nutrition remains. Here's some you might not realised and are taking daily :-
    • enriched flour (usually to make bread, rolls, pastries, cakes)
    • products made “with whole grains” (which indicates they’re not 100 percent whole grain)
    • cereal, granola (high sugar content & double blow)
    • evaporated cane juice /cane syrup / cane sugar
    • white sugar / brown sugar

Opt for eating more real whole foods and eat smarter like using fruits to sweeten your foods, and just manage your portion better, it's all about balance.



Foods high in Omega-3s and protein include fish, avocado, egg, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, flax seeds (grounded), flaxseed oil, and leafy vegetables.

Eating these healthy fats actually helps you lose stored body fat while making you feel fuller and satisfied. For instance, if you’re fasting, having healthy fats before makes having a reduced caloric intake the day after much easier because you aren’t hungry.

Some of our favourite combination of real whole foods with healthy fats and protein :-

  • Nuts and seeds
  • Unsweetened coconut
  • Avocado
  • Flaxseed (grounded)
  • Egg



Foods high in salt : Typically in processed foods, salted nuts, pickles, chips and food that contain soya sauce. Imbalance of sodium levels in your body makes you very thirsty while fasting so try to avoid high salt intake.

Carbonated drinks: Carbonated or fizzy drinks like sodas, colas, energy drinks because they typically contain dissolved carbon dioxide (gas), artificial sweeteners and flavourings that causes digestion problems and decreases the quality of digestion. Stick to regular water and or natural coconut water to soothe your thirst.

High-sugar foods: Sugary foods or drinks get digested very quickly, give you a blood sugar spike and then crashes quickly, leave you feeling hungry sooner than you would expect. Be mindful of "hidden" sugary foods usually found in processed foods, cereals, sugar or flavour coated nuts and granolas, flavoured yoghurt, milk or drinks.


Make the best choices you can...

Go for natural real whole food that is nourishing that will make you stronger, healthier and feeling energized insided-out. Eating smarter real whole foods should not only be delicious, but have variety of nutrients for you, save you massive time and offer versatility for you to enjoy many ways or recipes of eating them easily.


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